Kasta Morrely Fashion Week Festival, fifth edition, took place from 8 to 10 December 2017 in the high-class atmosphere of Bizantiq Iasi.

Kasta Morrely is a name that belongs to the history of creative industries development. Thanks to the importance of the results of Kasta Morrely research team, Iasi City was able to boast a true celebration of the creative industries. Through the International Festival Kasta Morrely Fashion Week, were celebrated last year 10 years since the achievement of the legalized Occupational Standard of Mannequin and this year 10 years since the legalized Occupational Standard of Events Organizer. The third evening Kasta Morrely Fashion Week autumn / winter 2017 was opened by two special guests from REP. MOLDOVA namely: MORPHINE BRAND in collaboration with the designer LILIA CARAUSH.

*MORPHINE is the brand of women’s clothes created by the extravagant Ekaterina Sergeevich. The brand creates clothing collections devoted to courageous women, who “go with fashion” and want to attract all the looks through unusual outfits. Morphine is the only brand in Rep. Moldova who has exposed its avant-garde creations in Milan’s fashion events.

*LILIA CARAUSH is a renowned designer in Moldova and abroad for the accessories she creates, namely the diadems. Through its creations, the designer highlights the elegant attitude of each woman, transforming it into a true queen.

*The third evening continued with the designer NATALIA MANZA from CRAIOVA, who presented an impressive collection of bridal and evening dresses. Their particularity lies in the charm that is transmitted through exclusive cuts and embroidery, expensive fabrics, natural silk, and hand-embroidery – with Swarovski crystals, natural pearls, precious stones, Japanese beads, and delicate flowers that adorn these creations, giving them a versatile accent.

*At the third moment of the evening, the elite children of KASTA MORRELY KIDS High Society Training Program presented a Fashion Theater moment “The Rose of Innocence”. The program Kasta Morrely Kids, through its non-formal education techniques discovers, develops skills in children and teen to become future successful people. Following the results of involvement in such non-formal activities, it was found a strong beneficial effect that no other form of education could materialized it with the same success rate.




*PROMESSE BY SANDA from CHISINAU has released the latest ready-to-wear collection. The brand strives for any woman to be able to express her inner beauty through light, casual-elegant gowns. *The next moment of the festival was dedicated to men fashion. The brand SEROUSSI again opted for quality and creativity, combining classic and modern concepts, comfort with refinement in a subtle combination. The fabrics used are 100% of the best quality wool, as well as in different combinations of silk or mohair, always resulting in elegant, comfortable and affordable suits.

*DELIA LAZAR – the designer of DAHLIA COUTURE has launched a collection of jewels and evening dresses at Kasta Morrely Fashion Week. L’UNIQUE BIJOU depicts the passion for beauty in forms, colors and texture. The attention to detail is mirrored in the passion invested in each piece – artwork. Every creation is actually a story. A story woven from emotions, dedication, fine textures, lights and inspiration.

*BERREZZO from CHISINAU presented a modern collection of elegant dresses with leather jackets, embroidered heads and minimalist handbags. Designer JANNA BEREZOVSCAIA produces exclusive hand-made clothing for people who appreciate style and individuality.

*The fifth edition of Kasta Morrely Fashion Week ended with a spectacular moment dedicated to BETTY ICE brand, the main partner of the festival. The most beautiful Kasta Morrely models presented with a moment of Fashion Theater® the new winter range from Betty Ice – titled BETTY WHITE. The first product of the range launched is Cheesecake with strawberries.


In this last presentation Kasta Morrely Fashion Week autumn / winter 2017, ELITE MARIAJ launched an impressive collection of bridal gowns, AMANDA DI VELLI BRIDALURBAN CHIC, which awakened the audience with admiration.

At the end of the evening, the presenters thanked those who made possible the 5th edition of KASTA MORRELY FASHION WEEK to be held successfully, with a total of 70 partner companies and 30 top designers, over 100 mannequins in the Occupation Standard and over 150 specialists, artists and volunteers.

After the parade of the creative industries profesionals who represented the backstage of the festival, ANA HRISCU (Executive President of Kasta Morrely Association) and BOGDAN SUMULANSCHI (Kasta Morrely Presenter) invited the audience to the ending reception of Kasta Morrely Fashion Week 5th editon, organized at Fenice Palas Restaurant in Iasi.


Organizer: Kasta Morrely Association


Media Partner: DONNA IMPRESA MAGAZINE (ITALY) www.dimagazine.it



Main partner: BETTY ICE



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