It is notorious that international fashion festivals organized professionally represent a guaranteed way and with unparalleled global impact in promoting a community that loves prosperity. The city of Iasi is once again host of Kasta Morrely Fashion Week Creative Industries Festival. The 6th edition of the biennial event takes place between 8th and 10th June 2018 at the Polyvalent Hall in Iasi. For those who do not know, an essential contribution to the materialization of a professional fashion festival is conferred  by the almost military rigidity of the organization.

The current edition of the Kasta Morrely Fashion Week Creative Industries Festival has begun with a world premiere at an international fashion festival dedicated to the GREAT UNITY CENTENNIAL, made by the Mechanized Brigade Fanfare 15 “Podu Inalt” Iasi.

The marathon of the exceptional collections presented at Kasta Morrely Fashion Week started with a special guest from Istanbul, the brand IN COUTURE BY KIWI. In Couture is a fashion company, made up of a group of international designers coordinated by Mohammed Alselka. The company owns a chain of stores around the world, with approximately 185 points of sale in the world’s most important fashion centers and markets.

ANDALEYA from Republic of Moldova launched the latest collection of the brand. Minimalism, refinement and elegance define Andaleya brand. The designer INGA DOBRAS creates for modern women, both career and image-minded, who want to shine through education and style.

Kasta Morrely Fashion Week continued with a FASHION THEATER® moment performed by KASTA MORRELY KIDS members. The purpose of Kasta Morrely Kids non-formal education program is to train and develop each child’s self-confidence, spontaneity, ability to communicate and respect for team spirit.

SIMODA BY SIMONA VASILIU has released its new collection entitled “Shining Dreams“. The collection treats women’s vision of themselves when it comes to attending a reception, enjoying the pleasure of shining like on the red carpet. In the 18 years of experience, Simoda By Simona Vasiliu has implemented her own style, captivating through fine and decent details, but letting her imagination work.

The fashion designer ADRIANA AGOSTINI creates unique collections every year, most of them being noted on the stage of fashion festivals abroad. The fashion collection launched by Adriana Agostini at this Kasta Morrely Fashion Week edition is a true pro-feminine manifestation that favors the idea that ambitious women are just as powerful as men, but refined at the same time.

SEROUSSI is a brand that continuously strengthens the

partnership in solving the wishes and demands of the modern young man, but also of the classic tastes. In the collection presented at Kasta Morrely Fashion Week, SEROUSSI IASI representative answered the question “What does a gentleman carry at a special event?”. The first choice is usually a classic, black, with a sharpened or round lapel. The options continue with summer jackets, mixed and match or casual wear in a variety of colors, measures, cuts according to preferences, body shape and trends.

The well-known local brand JULIA TOADERS presented for the first time a collection that surprised the audience, due to the unique designer’s style of emphasizing the beauty of the female features. Having a passion for design since childhood, the designer has focused his training on this profile from an early age, with the latest studies being completed in London.

Kasta Morrely Fashion Week is also a framework for active engagement, self-expression, gaining specialized experience, and a public display environment for the creativity of early career youngsters in the creative industries. NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF ARTS GEORGE ENESCU from Iasi presented the collection “Rectilinium”, consisting of clothing ensembles created by the leading students from the first and second year of Fashion Design . The authors are: Octavian Marina, Ecaterina Hodorca, Sorina Ionita, Irina Biciuev, Diana Danila, Alexandra Ungurean. Iuliana Streba, Paula Cuzic, Natalia Burlacenco and Oana Haras.

“Antithesis” is the mother-child casual collection that SAHRA DESIGN brand presented for the autumn – winter season 2018/2019. The designer from Constanta INA ELA ISMAIL designer has made an exquisite antithesis between the hardness of khaki shades specific to the military style sweetened with the fragility of the handsome and delicate poppy flower hand-painted by the fashion creator.

          The special guest of Kasta Morrely Fashion Week 2018 was BERREZZO brand from Republic of Moldova. The designer JANNA BEREZOVSCAIA produces exclusive hand-made clothing for educated people who appreciate their own style and individuality. The collection presented was dedicated to stylish women who go fashionable and catch all the looks through their original









Organizers and main partners: Kasta Morrely Association, BETTY ICE Company and Iasi City Hall.












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